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Being a Peacekeeper Series

The Being a Peacekeeper Series (BAPK) is a joint initiative of the International Peace Institute and the Pearson Centre. The series of high-level regional roundtables brings together existing, emerging, and potential troop- and police-contributing countries with senior UN officials in an informal setting to allow for an open exchange of experiences, successes, concerns, and opportunities.

The overall objective of the Being a Peacekeeper Series is to increase the quantity and improve the quality of contributions to UN peacekeeping. It seeks to facilitate networking at a regional level among experienced contributors and countries considering becoming more actively engaged in peacekeeping. Finally, it provides a forum for interaction among peacekeeping contributors and other key elements in the UN peacekeeping system, such as DPKO/DFS, interested member states, and the policy research community.

Each regional roundtable is organized in close coordination with the UN Secretariat, a local partner institution, and the governments of the region. In December 2010, IPI hosted the kick-off global roundtable in New York City, sponsored by the Government of Morocco. In 2011, the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) in Kuala Lumpur hosted the first regional roundtable, a meeting of Southeast Asian states and Japan and China, that was sponsored by the Government of Australia. In October 2012, a Being a Peacekeeper roundtable will be held in Europe, hosted in Berlin by the Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF) and funded jointly by the Governments of France and Germany.

Program Staff

Adam Smith
Research Fellow
Manager of Peace Operations Program
Bianca Selway
Research Assistant